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Company News

Ikense company could provide high quanlity chalcogenide glasses and infrared lenses!

Ikense company could provide high quanlity chalcogenide glas...

With the development of infrared detector technology and the needs of applications, the use of mid-wave infrar...


About Us

Ikense Infrared Tech (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production and development of infrared materials and lenses, which has abundant development experience of infrared materials and optics for 10 years. Moreover, we have a professional technical service team, dedicated to providing you with the industry's high-quality, batch stable infrared materials and lenses.  
We have focused on the ” quality, the pursuit of excellence, cooperation and mutually beneficial " concept to create an advanced and reliable international brand "infrared material and lens“. We are also willing to communicate with the infrared industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises extensive cooperation and sharing the progress of infrared industry infrared optics.